360 Engineering in the Community: DPS CareerConnect

Last week, some of our engineers had the pleasure of working with 9th-grade students at Denver Public Schools’ East High School in their 95-minute Introduction to Engineering class.  It turned out to be a great learning experience for the students and us!  Our first class was a success, but we’re looking forward to honing-in our demonstrations for the next one.


Through school-based and work-based learning, the CareerConnect program, “… gives DPS students early exposure to thousands of career options as they learn more about their own passions and interests.”  The Xplore Industry track provides students with their first look into specific career opportunities.  We were able to give these freshmen an inside look into the career of mechanical engineering consulting and design.


Our engineers began class with a brief introduction to 360 Engineering, HVAC, heat transfer types, load calculations, and equipment selection.  Next, we provided a more interactive experience with two breakout sessions; how air handing equipment works and the benefits of energy modeling.  For each breakout, we had demonstrations and handouts to keep things fun and interesting.  These smaller groups also gave the students a chance to participate and ask questions.  Finally, we ended with a quick Q&A session.

We want to thank East High School Engineering Teacher, Diego Bonta, and DPS CareerConnect’s Regional Coordinator, Courtney Ward, for integrating 360 Engineering into the program.  If you’re interested in participating or learning more about CareerConnect; email careerandcollegesuccess@dpsk12.org

2019 Women Make Buildings Better

Rocky Mountain Trane partnered with Tamara Ghandour of LaunchStreet to provide a thought-provoking networking event for women in the building industry.  This interactive half-day conference took place at the Sheraton Denver Tech Center Hotel on April 25th.

The purpose of this conference:

Women Make Buildings Better gives each woman the opportunity to discover their style of innovation and engage with others, unlocking their ability to be innovative in work and in life. Our goal is to help you leave with the tools you need to commit to take action towards elevating diversity of thought in YOUR industry and in everyday life.

Here are a few of many takeaways:

-Innovation: Thinking differently about what’s right in front of you to create an advantage.

-Anyone can innovate.  Everyone is responsible for innovation.

-How we innovate is unique to us.

-Value shifts, it doesn’t go away.

-Rearrange the box you have, instead of “thinking outside the box.”

-There are ways we can get involved in legislature to influence change.

-Present innovation in a different way.  Ask “What would you do to strengthen this idea?” instead of asking “What do you think?”.

-Show all of you.  Don’t conform to “fit-in,” this is doing a disservice to you and those you work with.

-We need people that can help fill in the gaps (when it comes to innovation).

-People don’t fear change; they fear being changed.

Women in leadership panel:

Our President, Denise Dihle, participated on the panel of powerhouse women in the HVAC industry.  When asked about the importance of maintaining a growth mindset, Denise said: “As soon as you are content, you are left behind.”

This offers a glimpse into how 360 Engineering operates, always striving to truly listen to the client’s needs, providing everyone with customized, innovative HVAC and plumbing engineering solutions.