From assessment to start-up, solutions that address the full project lifecycle.

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Experienced, effective design team management with an objective approach.

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Implementable approaches to improving energy efficiency and lowering energy costs.

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Unlimited Vision

Long-term solutions require more than great mechanical engineering. Each project has different goals and parameters, demanding flexibility and the ability to see multiple answers to intertwined decisions.

Qualified & Experienced

Our broad and deep experience is matched by a forward-thinking approach that delivers proven innovations. We stay on top of new products, techniques, and ever-changing building codes. We keep current with industry certifications and regularly present at conferences.

Right-Sized Solutions

All solutions are not created equal. To provide the optimal, “right-sized” solution, we listen carefully, ask targeted questions, and develop systems that anticipate long-term needs in addition to meeting today’s goals.

Why Choose Us

360 Engineering is a full-service firm with unlimited vision and an “unlimited service” attitude. Our experienced team listens closely, investigates thoroughly, and looks at the big picture. We identify all options and review the pros and cons of each one with you to determine the optimal solution. 360 Engineering leaps tall buildings and jumps through fiery hoops to deliver much more than an answer to a problem. Our responsibility is to provide the right-sized, long-term solution every time. Our mission is to support your success.


Indulge us as we let some of our loyal clients tell you why they rely on 360 Engineering – and why you can, too.

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With such great clients, people, and projects, there’s always something exciting to share.

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