New Project Engineers and Summer Fun!

Welcome to Team 360

We are excited to introduce you to our most recent additions at 360 Engineering.


Audrey Filey – Project Engineer

As a Project Engineer, Audrey is responsible for conducting all associated field investigations, calculations, equipment selections, and drafting. Her experience includes many project types, including schools, mental health centers, offices, and mechanical equipment replacements in existing buildings. She grew up in Buffalo, New York, where she earned a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Buffalo. Audrey loves the outdoors and animals, moving to Colorado with her cat, Murphy.



Ella Tankersley – Project Engineer

Ella also conducts all associated field assessments, calculations, equipment selections, and drafting in her Project Engineer role. Earning her Mechanical Engineering degree from Virginia Tech University, Ella chose to study engineering because she enjoys problem-solving and seeing how plans transform in real life. Ella enjoys spending time outdoors, hiking, cooking, and trying new foods.



360 Engineering Takes on Winter Park

Our staff and family members recently spent a day and night enjoying an escape in the Colorado high country. And, we all came back in one piece!