Maintaining Positive Employee Morale and Engagement During COVID-19

The 360 Engineering Team has been working from home for a few weeks now, and it’s been quite a change for the staff. While some of us have “furry coworkers” at home to keep us company during the day, it’s a priority to make sure the team is staying connected throughout the week, and that we keep employee morale up during these unprecedented times.














One of the ways we are working towards this is by introducing Bonusly, an employee recognition, and rewards program. Bonusly works through peer to peer recognition with “points” you award to your teammates. It’s been a lot of fun so far. You can add GIFs to your post (my favorite part). As you earn points from your peers, you can spend them on gift cards, donate them to charity, or purchase a custom reward.

We’re all staying connected while working from home through Microsoft Teams. Teams allows us to continue regular staff meetings via video conferencing. And there are also great features that we’ve utilized, like the chat function, which is where we share updates on projects or more light-hearted things like sharing tips for brewing better coffee at home.

We also continue to have lunch-and-learns, though virtually, hosted on a rotating basis between the teams on staff. Even when working remotely, we feel it’s valuable to continue our professional development opportunities.

We hope all of our friends and colleagues are staying safe and healthy.


Meghan Stumpf
Administrative Coordinator
360 Engineering, Inc.