South Adams County – Water & Sanitation District Administration Building

The new 13,000 square-foot South Adams County Water and Sanitation District Administration building was constructed on the site of the District’s existing facilities. Construction was phased to allow administrative functions to remain operational until transition to the new space. The new building, twice the size of the original, is expected to operate at similar utilities expense.

Mechanical design for the project consisted of utilizing a large concrete reservoir system as the heat sink for a heat pump system. The reservoir water is pumped into the building, through a heat exchanger, and then returned to the reservoir with an overall temperature rise of less than 2° F on design day conditions. A separate closed loop system of condenser water is located within the building and is pumped through the heat exchanger and out to the heat pumps located throughout the building. An initial study for the geothermal system was conducted to determine the energy savings over the life of the system in relationship to the cost of the system and viability of the system. After understanding that the reservoir could be emptied at any time during the year for maintenance, a make-up water loop was installed to maintain a constant flow of water to the heat exchanger during maintenance periods.

The overall building was also reviewed and studied with the architect to site the building with reduced window exposure in the summer, utilizing overhangs to shade the south and west windows, keeping a careful eye on the window to wall ratios, and evaluating the insulation used in the walls and roof for a highly energy efficient building.


Commerce City, Colorado


South Adams County


Anderson Hallas Architects