Petroleum Building – Chiller and Cooling Tower Replacement

The Petroleum Building, built in 1956, is a 190,000-square-foot, 15-story building located in downtown Denver. This mid-century modernist facility, designed by Denver architect Charles Strong, was Denver’s tallest building at the time.

Hired by Rocky Mountain Trane, 360 Engineering provided prime consulting and mechanical engineering services for the replacement of two 200-ton chillers in the basement, two cooling towers on the roof, and chilled water pumps, with same-capacity equipment. All of this equipment was past its proper functioning lifespan.

360 Engineering worked with structural engineer, Martin/Martin, to determine a pathway for the basement chiller replacements. Additional mechanical and plumbing engineering scope included providing layout and coordination for the new equipment, verifying equipment sizing, and providing piping coordination, details, and drawings for the chilled water system equipment replacement.


Denver, Colorado


Rocky Mountain Trane