OpenTable Support Center Office

OpenTable, the national online restaurant-reservation service company, was looking to adaptively reuse a 36,000-square-foot warehouse building as their new support center in Centennial, Colorado. Unlike a typical office build-out, they were looking for a fun-themed space equipped with collaboration areas, a training facility, a library, an indoor patio, coffee bars, a dining room, and a bar.

360 Engineering worked under Venture Architecture to provide mechanical and plumbing engineering consulting and design services to support this innovative, modern office space. Our work began by assessing the existing mechanical equipment and providing a thermal zoning sketch outlining the number of anticipated zones for thermal control and reviewing this with the client. During design, new rooftop units were added based on load calculations to meet the new capacity needs of the space. Plumbing design included new restroom groups, fitness room shower facilities, breakroom sinks, and janitor mop sinks. Also, new gas piping for the rooftop units from the existing meter and performance specifications for the fire protection system was included in the design. Finally, our engineers provided site observations and a final punch report during the construction phase.


Centennial, CO




Venture Architecture