North Table Mountain – Water Treatment Plant Expansion

The North Table Mountain Water Treatment Plant expansion includes a brand-new ground-up Administrative Building and capacity expansion for the water filter treatment facility. The new Administrative Building has a unique energy savings sequence for the heating and cooling HVAC system. Each tempered zone is serviced by a zone-specific water source heat pump and individually controlled with thermostats for comfort adjustment. The treatment facility has access to large quantities of treated wastewater that functions as a natural source for energy storage. The water source heat pump condenser loop either siphons from or rejects heat to the wastewater energy well through a heat exchanger, conditional on the season and temperature differential of the source water. This process provides preliminary heating and cooling from an otherwise unutilized source, thus reducing the system’s dependence on mechanically provided cooling and heating. While there are hydronic boilers for supplemental heating in winter conditions, the ability to reject heat into the wastewater energy well eliminates the need for traditional heat rejection equipment, such as a cooling tower, and the associated energy used by such equipment.


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