National Park Service – Mesa Verde National Park

Located in Southwest Colorado, Mesa Verde National Park is known for its archeological sites and Ancestral Pueblo cliff dwellings. The park is open year-round and sees over 500,000 visitors annually. To meet the needs of guests and season staff members during the peak summer season, the National Park Service procured an Architectural and Engineering design team to upgrade and expand restroom facilities around the park.

The Hogan Comfort Station, used as restrooms and bathing facilities for seasonal employees, received upgrades to the roof, doors, finishes, fixtures, and mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. Improvements to the Picnic Area Comfort Station, which had been closed for approximately ten years, included architectural, engineering, and site upgrades. Minor aesthetic upgrades and the addition of isolation valves for partial winterization were added to the Headquarters Restrooms.


Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado


National Park Service


Anderson Hallas Architects