NIST – Steam and Chilled Water Study

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) operates in two central locations, Gaithersburg, Maryland and Boulder, Colorado. For (3) buildings on the Boulder campus, NIST awarded 360 Engineering a contract to conduct a study of steam and chilled water. As the prime consultant, 360 Engineering made on-site assessments of the steam piping and chilled water piping to determine the condition of piping in Buildings 1, 2, and 24. Each is a multi-story building consisting of private offices and laboratory spaces.

These buildings, constructed between 1950 and 1965, had undergone some recent renovations, though many of the building systems dated back to the original construction and were operating past life expectancy. Based on the field assessments, 360 Engineering compiled a report, detailing all piping conditions and recommendations on the need for replacement.

Project challenges included mapping out entire steam and chilled water systems without full sets of as-built drawings, and determining how the systems operated by piecing together select information from several drawing sets and site surveys.


Boulder, Colorado