– Data Center Expansion owns and operates six data centers across the United States, including one in central Denver. 360 Engineering provided mechanical and plumbing engineering services for an expansion of this facility, including installation of a new cooling and power infrastructure to accommodate 40,000 square feet of co-location space. Because the building operates with N+1 redundancy (a form of resilience that ensures system availability in the event of component failure), the design incorporated an additional generator, new uninterruptible power supply (UPS), and a new battery system. In addition, new chilled water lines were routed to computer room air conditioning (CRAC) units, with sufficient future capacity to support an additional five CRAC units; ventilation was added to the new battery room; and a new fuel system was designed for the existing generators with capacity for future expansion. The expanded and re-engineered data center can now take advantage of industry-leading Green Design standards, achieving stable temperature, humidity, and airflow management that supports data protection and energy efficiency.


Denver, Colorado