GSA – Denver Federal Center – Building 95

Building 95 at the Denver Federal Center houses four (4) tenants; the National Water Quality Laboratory (NWQL), the Brand of Quality Systems, National Research Programs, and the Center for Isotope Research in Earth Science and Biology. The General Services Administration (GSA) initiated a mechanical study of the exhaust and make-up air systems for the existing hazardous waste area to meet current safety standards and tenant agency requirements. Fugitive fumes were escaping from the room and the system was unable to maintain negative pressures. 360 Engineering was hired to conduct the study for the GSA as part of the Anderson Hallas Architects IDIQ team.

As-built drawings were reviewed to determine how the system was designed to operate, including mechanical equipment, heating and cooling capacities supplied to the space, and controls sequence of operations.

A field survey was performed to observe current system operation, including verifying the accuracy of as-built drawings, inspection of Building Automation System (BAS) to determine space airflow setpoints, measuring airflow for supply and exhaust to each space, and inspection of mechanical equipment and infrastructure.  A code and research review were conducted based on information provided by the GSA and results of the field survey on materials processed and stored in the area to determine appropriate ventilation and exhaust rates.

Finally, modification recommendations were made to achieve required performance including new equipment, new infrastructure, re-balancing existing equipment, and adjusting setpoints and sequences of operations.


Denver, Colorado


General Services Administration (GSA)


Anderson Hallas Architects