Colorado Parks & Wildlife – Area 16 Service Center

The Colorado Parks and Wildlife sought to create a sustainable and functional workspace in Gunnison for their Area 16 staff aligned with GreenGlobe certification standards. With a focus on environmental responsibility and energy efficiency, the project encompassed a 4,600-square-foot facility comprising various essential areas such as customer service counters, office spaces, conference rooms, employee amenities, and a wildlife bay.

As part of the A/E design team, 360 Engineering led the project’s mechanical and plumbing systems design to meet stringent sustainability criteria while ensuring optimal functionality. The team diligently adhered to GreenGlobes technical guidelines, collaborating closely with sustainability team members to integrate eco-friendly solutions seamlessly. Notably, the mechanical system incorporated innovative technologies, including grade-mounted DX cooled, electric resistance heated VAV packaged units with an energy recovery wheel, complemented by an advanced building automation system (BAS) to optimize energy usage and indoor comfort.


Gunnison, CO


Colorado Parks & Wildlife


Anderson Hallas Architects


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