City of Loveland – Development Center MEP Upgrades

360 Engineering was tasked with providing comprehensive mechanical engineering solutions for upgrading the HVAC system at the Development Center in Loveland, Colorado. The project was initiated due to the receipt of federal funds aimed at enhancing energy efficiency and indoor air quality within the facility.

The project’s scope encompassed replacing multiple rooftop units (RTUs) and a heating-only furnace serving the lobby area. It also integrated DX cooling capabilities into the new furnace for improved comfort during the summer months. Additionally, the design necessitated raising all rooftop units to accommodate new roofing material, aligning with the city’s maintenance schedule.

Key components of our project scope included the provision of stamped drawings detailing the replacement of eleven (11) RTUs and the heating furnace in the basement mechanical room. Drawing specifications also entailed the installation of new raised curb adaptors for all units (including existing units that had been recently replaced) to accommodate the upcoming roof replacement.

Moreover, our plans addressed the removal of obsolete equipment on the roof, ensuring safety and optimizing space utilization. 360 also led a coordination effort with the City’s code reviewer to determine an optimal, low-cost solution to bring the roof up to code for safety—since multiple existing unit locations were too close to the roof edge without proper fall protection measures in place. Additionally, integrating all existing and new equipment into the Building Automation System (BAS) was crucial, necessitating detailed design specifications and coordination.

By delivering meticulous engineering drawings and specifications, our firm facilitated the seamless execution of the HVAC upgrade project, meeting or exceeding indoor air quality standards set forth by the Center for Diseases Control (CDC) and enhancing energy efficiency for the Development Center.


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