City and County of Denver – Touchless Fixtures

Looking to improve health and safety in their municipal buildings, the City and County of Denver hired 360 Engineering and their sub-consultant team to provide MEP engineering services for bid documents and cost estimates to install directly powered touchless fixtures, including toilets and urinals, restroom, and breakrooms sinks. The five public facilities were Arie P. Taylor Municipal Center, Elections Division, Minoru Yasui Building, Richard T. Castro Human Services Building, and the Wellington E. Webb Building.

To address a quick timeline, 360 Engineering’s team began immediately with a survey of the existing fixtures in each of the five buildings. The team then created a systematic action plan based on floor plans to determine the fixtures’ locations, categorizing areas into similar spaces (i.e., core restrooms, gender-neutral restrooms, break rooms, etc.). The site survey observed and documented the fixtures in a typical space, then moved onto the other similar areas, noting any fixture discrepancies. The team optimized fieldwork efficiency by focusing survey efforts on identifying the “outliers.”

360 Engineering delivered individual drawing and full book specification packages for each building, designating each unique fixture type and location and the appropriate replacement components for each fixture.


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Denver, Colorado


City and County of Denver