Bank Lofts – Boiler Retrofit and Steam Removal

The Bank Lofts, located in the heart of downtown Denver, Colorado, is a historic 10-story building, built in 1921. Today, this mixed-use building consists of approximately 117 residential lofts, and 11,000 square-feet of retail space.

As the prime design consultant, 360 Engineering worked with mechanical contractor, American Mechanical Services, to fulfill the project intent of completely disconnecting the building from district steam and installing a new gas fired boiler plant in the building’s basement. The key mechanical design challenge was to route the boiler flue and combustion air out of the basement, up through the 1st floor and mezzanine level, and out of the building in the generator radiator area.

In addition, 360 Engineering and the architect coordinated with the City of Denver to determine requirements for a new fire rated room to house the boiler and accessories along with egress paths out of the boiler room through the historic basement. During construction, the domestic hot water and heating system had minimal downtime with little to no impact on the building tenants.


Denver, Colorado


American Mechanical Services