1881 Pierce – HVAC Replacement Commissioning

The State of Colorado and 360 Engineering have a strong partnership, built throughout multiple mechanical engineering projects completed for the Colorado Capitol Complex buildings and other State buildings. The State hired 360 Engineering to provide HVAC Commissioning Services for Phase 2 and 3 of an HVAC Replacement at 1881 Pierce Street, in Lakewood, Colorado. The Phase 2 project scope involved replacement of two air handling units (22,200 & 24,475 CFM) with hot water and chilled water coils and the two associated return fans. The Phase 3 project scope included replacement of approximately 50 VAV boxes.

360 Engineering developed the detailed commissioning plan establishing individuals’ roles and responsibilities in the commissioning process, requisite documentation, meeting schedule, equipment readiness prerequisites, equipment start-up requirements, functional performance test procedures, acceptance criteria, and O&M training obligations. 360 Engineering reviewed design documents, equipment submittals, system verification checklists, test and balance procedures, and functional performance test results.

During commissioning, 360 Engineering discovered the like for like replacement of the air handling unit did not achieve the fan performance specified and further examination revealed an existing section of ductwork was short circuiting the return fan and needed to be corrected by the design engineer to achieve proper operation.


Lakewood, Colorado


State of Colorado